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Our company transports goods to and from Italy on behalf of companies and professionals. At this time we cannot cover the demand that serving individuals would bring.

FTL is an abbreviation for the phrase “FULL TRUCKLOAD” and refers to the transports where the shipment covers the full capacity of the truck load. The weight of the load cannot exceed 25 tonnes. In a case of FTL delivery times are shorter and the transfer is carried out directly, without stops in-between. On the other hand,
LTL stands for “LESS THAN TRUCKLOAD”. Those are smaller shipments that take over just part of the truck load and are combined with other shipments. Their delivery times are longer, because of the interim stops needed for all shipments to be delivered.  

Yes. We have multiple departures during the week. FTL shipments depart daily while LTL shipments are collected to assigned areas for loading and depart every two days.

All transports are carried out in accordance with the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) and all its terms. In case of damage the compensation provided is approximately around 10€ per kilo, in case the damaged is caused by the transporter and only in the occasions of: 

  1. Collision, overturn or fire of the vehicle
  2. Sinking of the ship on board of which the vehicle is

In collaboration with our insurance company, we can offer extra coverage, which will further provide insurance for:

  1. the value of the shipment as determined by its accompanying invoice
  2. (optionally) the value of the fare invoice
  3. (optionally) a 10% of the above mentioned for any extra costs

This insurance (Clause A) covers all the cases except those in which the transporter is not accountable, like bad packaging of the transporting goods or extreme weather conditions.

For shipments of specific nature, like second-hand & unpacked machinery, flowers, liquids and home appliances, we can offer extra insurance (Clause C), which covers the value of the goods only in cases of collision, overturn, fire, or sinking of the ship on board of which the vehicle is.

Of course! The requirements to take on a shipment like that is that the package is accompanied by an invoice and to not include personal items.

Our salesmen can provide you with a price list customized to your needs. In cases of cargo with special characteristics we issue a transport fare valid only for a specific period of time.

We transport anything that can be transferred. The main volume of our activity involves packaging materials, paper products, glassworks, spare parts, building materials and machinery.

The main axis on which we operate is Greece-Italy. We can always take on shipments addressed to other European destinations through our extensive network of partners.

Yes, our fleet is comprised of 30 road tractors and 70 trailers. We also own 3 smaller vehicles with hydraulic lift gates for deliveries within the city.

All of our trailers are curtainsided, which means the cargo is covered with tarpaulin, allowing easy loading from either side of the truck. Furthermore, most of them are equipped with retractable roof allowing loading with crane. In our privately-owned storages, we use forklift clarks capable to transfer palettes weighing up to 4.5 tonnes.

Yes. There are available spaces for short-term or long-term storage in our privately-owned storages in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Modena. To get informed about availability you can contact us at any time.

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KARASSULIS SA has been established in Thessaloniki since 1988 and specializes in International Road Transport from Greece to Italy and forth.



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