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Why choose a shipping company with GPS tracking on its fleet

Why choose a shipping company with GPS tracking on its fleet

Why choose a shipping company with GPS tracking on its fleet

You want a transport company for your business needs.

How will you constantly know the cargo's route and that it will arrive at its destination safely and in time, exactly as you want it, at the time you want it? Why should you care if the transport company you choose has GPS tracking or not?

GPS is now a must for transportation companies because it offers a wide range of advantages, opening well-aimed communication channels that have to do with the status, course and location of each cargo. Information that ultimately concern you directly.

If you want to be assured and have complete control over your transfers, then you should definitely choose a transport company with GPS tracking on its trucks. And the most basic reasons are:


1. Complete awareness 24/7 - Security 24/7

If you've trusted your cargo then you should always be at the top of the shipping and delivery process, and always have the confidence that your partner knows where your cargo is and when will it arrive at its destination. So, if the company you choose uses modern GPS tracking, then this clear advantage is guaranteed. Also, with GPS tracking the transport company minimizes the risk of theft and helps in taking appropriate measures.

A truck consists of the tractor and the trailer. If you don't already know, when freight starts its journey with a truck, it does not necessarily mean that it will arrive with the same tractor or the same trailer.

In our privately-owned fleet all of our tractors and all of our trailers are equipped with GPS trackers because we want to have complete control of the loads at any time, regardless of the change the transfer may requires. With over 30 years of experience in transporting goods to and from Italy, we fully understand how important this control is.


2. Effective management - Immediately at your disposal

With GPS tracking the transportation company can see where each truck is, which one is moving and in which direction. It can also monitor speed or routes, when it is not moving or when something is wrong.

The GPS trackers we use in the KARASSULIS group also provide information to the driver, and they are also a means of communication between the driver and the traffic office. In addition, there is better scheduling of loading and unloading so we can offer you multiple pick-up suggestions. It also means that if you have some emergency loading, we can see where are  all our trucks and if they are close to your area, we can serve you immediately.


gps tracking

3. Savings - Profit in transportation

Time is money and in the field of transport this is true to the fullest. Potential delays are something you justifiably fear. With GPS tracking the transport company can find the exact reason for the delay right away and thus react immediately.

At KARASSULIS group not only can we foresee and try to avoid delays, but we have mileage numbers or fuel level and combustion, i.e. information that give our experienced drivers the opportunity for an eco-friendlier driving. The GPS of the trailers also provide a diagnosis for the condition of the brakes, the tire pressure, the abs system, and the weight of the load.


4. Driver safety - Cargo safety

We cannot talk about transport without worrying about drivers and that is why their safety and well-being are of the utmost importance. With the help of GPS technology, the company can monitor when there is increased speed or if there are sudden movements while driving, thus ensuring their safety by controlling road behavior.

Our renewed GPS trackers also count the drivers' driving hours, reminding them of breaks for rest. This avoids fatigue and makes the route safer.


5. Best service: Your cargo, our purpose

With GPS tracking the transportation company can plan in advance multiple deliveries or receipts which means faster service for you and your business. Being fully aware 24/7 of where the cargoes and trucks are, it can inform you of their estimated arrival in each case.

At the KARASSULIS group we are by your side in every transfer and your cargo is our purpose. We can offer you all the useful information about the route of your goods, from pickup to delivery. Having our own fleet of tractors and trailers, and equipping both with GPS, we can know everything about your transfer on the route from Greece to Italy and forth.


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Nowadays GPS technology for a transport company is much more than a means of tracking or a simple digital map showing the way to the driver.

It is a tool that shapes modern transportations, especially international ones. Because the words "where" and "when" will always be important in this field. And in the KARASSULIS group we are always ready to answer them.


Contact us for more details or request a quote.


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